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Past the Equinox

Music of Jack Stamp
The Keystone Wind Ensemble

CTD 88105
World Premiere Recordings
CD $13.98
"...a big aural splash...with an apocalyptic edge. Citadel's digital recording leaves indelible auditory impressions... Stamp bids fair to become one of the leading lights of his generation in this field."


Past the Equinox

Music of Jack Stamp, The Keystone Wind Ensemble

1. Cenotaph 1:41
2. Chorale and Toccata 5:25
3. Antithigram 5:02
4. Past the Equinox 4:55
5. The Melting of the Winter's Snow 7:47
6. Elegy and Affirmation 5:20
7. Fanfare for the Great Hall 1:32
8. Remembrance of Things to Come 4:55
9. Elegy for English Horn and Band 6:05
10. Gavorkna Fanfare 1:25
11. Journey Past the Unicorn 2:28
12. Canticle 4:48
13. Daybreak for Marimba Ensemble* 2:52
14. Love's Philosophy 1:54
15. O-Zone* 4:05
16. Jigsaw 8:43
TT: 70:28