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Wind Music of American Composers

Diamond • Tull • Washburn • Stamp • Tower

CTD 88108
The Keystone Wind Ensemble,
Conducted by Jack Stamp
CD $5.77 $5.00
"I am more than pleased. I have finally heard these pieces as I heard them in my mind's ears. I congratulate the engineer profusely."
-David Diamond


Wind Music of American Composers

1. David Diamond: Ceremonial Fanfare 1:39
2. David Diamond: Tantivy 9:08
3. Fisher Tull: Sketches on a Tudor Psalm 11:29
Jack Stamp: Divertimento in "F" 15:45
4. I. Fanfare (to Fisher Tull)
5. II. Fate: In Memoriam William Schuman
6. III. Fury (to Joan Tower)
7. IV. Faith (to Mike, Gary, Bud and David)
8. V. Frolic (to David Diamond)
Robert Washburn: Symphony for Band 17:25
9. I. Andante - Allegro moderato
10. II. Adagio non tanto
11. III. Allegro ritmico
12. Joan Tower: Celebration Fanfare from Stepping Stones 4:44
TT 61:17