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Hanson Conducts Hanson

Song of Democracy • "Merry Mount" Suite
Symphony No. 2 "Romantic"

CTD 88110

The Mormon Youth Chorus and Symphony, Conducted by Howard Hanson

*See also: CTD 88116 Hanson Conducts Hanson (II)

CD $13.98

Superb wide-range stereo recordings with the Mormon Youth Chorus and Symphony live, Salt Lake City, 1972.

Contains notes from the original Festival Program, song lyrics, and an "appreciation" of Howard Hanson, by Jay Welch.

The artistic encounter of Hanson with Whitman was inevitable, and in the first few measures of the Song of Democracy we are aware of the same sweeping lines, the deep humanity that we find in the poem.
-from the notes


Hanson Conducts Hanson

1. Song of Democracy
"Merry Mount" Suite from the Opera, Op. 31
2. Overture (Lento) 2:41
3. Children's Dance (Allegro molto) 1:50
4. Love Duet (Largamente, molto expressivo) 4:50
5. Prelude to Act II and Maypole Dances
(Allegro grazioso; Piu animato; Allegro Molto)
Symphony No. 2, Op. 30, "Romantic"
6. Adagio; allegro moderato 14:04
7. Andante con tenerezza 6:22
8. Allegro con brio 7:16
9. Howard Hanson's after-concert remarks 2:54
    TT 60:47