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The Sweet Bye and Bye
"...the best of Beeson's operas and approaches the upper rank of naturalistic Americana after Porgy and Bess."

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The Sweet Bye and Bye

An Opera in Two Acts

CT-DOS-2000 (2-CD set)

World Premiere recording of Jack Beeson's opera.

Composer-supervised, with the Kansas City Lyric Theatre Orchestra, soloists and chorus, conducted by Russell Patterson.

2-CD Set $17.37 $13.77
Noel Rogers • Judith Anthony • Carolyne James
Paula Seibel • Walter Hook • Robert Owen Jones
Elizabeth Green • Thomas Claffy • Dennis Howell
William Latimer

The Kansas City Lyric Theater Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Russell Patterson

Listen to samples / purchase MP3's:


The Sweet Bye and Bye - Disc 1

Listen to Samples
Act I, Scene I
1. On the Beach; the Mourners 3:45 $0.99 Play Preview
2. The Bathers 1:01 $0.99 Play Preview
3. Mourners and Bathers 5:31 $0.99 Play Preview
4. Scene, and Mother Rainey's Aria: "The Wages of Sin" 5:02 $0.99 Play Preview
Act I, Scene II
5. Interlude and Love Scene 4:52 $0.99 Play Preview
6. Billy's "Love Song" 2:44 $0.99 Play Preview
7. Scene, Waltz and Quarrel 8:59 $0.99 Play Preview
8. Betrayal 2:15 $0.99 Play Preview
9. Sister Rose Ora Easter's Aria: "When I Was A Child" 3:33 $0.99 Play Preview
10. Scene, The Lifeshine Radio Hour Memorial Service, and March-Trio 12:20 $1.29 Play Preview
11. Billy's "Arietta" 2:43 $0.99 Play Preview



The Sweet Bye and Bye - Disc 2

Listen to Samples
Act II, Scene I
1. Boardwalk Beauty Contest, Lifeshine Parade, and Two Confrontations 8:16 $0.99 Play Preview
Act II, Scene II
2. In The Lifeshine Ark: Welcome-Home Service 4:15 $0.99 Play Preview
3. Illustrated Sermon and Kidnapping Dance 7:44 $0.99 Play Preview
4. Sister Rose Ora Easter's Aria:
"A Someday, Somewhere, Maybe Salvation"; ensemble and chorus
6:02 $0.99 Play Preview
Act II, Scene III
5. Interlude and Billy's "Aria"; "Reconciliation Duet" (reprise of #6, Act I) 9:42 $0.99 Play Preview
6. Murder in the Miracle Room; Accession of the Sister Elect 9:27 $0.99 Play Preview