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Destination Moon cover
alternate cover
Reversible "double cover"
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Original Motion Picture Score

Destination Moon

Leith Stevens

STC 77101

Original score for the George Pal motion picture. Vienna Concert Orchestra, Heinz Sandauer, Conductor.

First CD release of the original 1957 stereo recording; Citadel / Klavier 1994

CD $13.98

"[Stevens] has created a sound picture of infinity, a sense of no bottom and no gravity. The violins perform a shimmering figure to indicate the silence and the clear, far-away stars, the moon coming nearer."
  - From liner notes by Scot. W. Holden

"Leith Stevens was a genius. That's why I came back to him... to score Destination Moon, When Worlds Collide and War of the Worlds in succession."
  - George Pal

"One of Hollywood's most gifted composers... hear him at his absolute best."
  - Royal S. Brown, Fanfare

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Destination Moon

Leith Stevens

Listen to Samples
1. Earth 2:58 $0.99 Play Preview
2. In Outer Space 19:28 $1.79 Play Preview
3. On the Surface of the Moon 4:15 $0.99 Play Preview
4. Escape from the Moon 3:01 $0.99 Play Preview
5. Finale 13:01 $1.29 Play Preview