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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Straight Into Darkness

LEC 8001
Composed by Michael Convertino

Special, Limited Collector's Edition

CD $11.88 $7.00

Full-color booklet with photos and notes by the film's writer and director Jeff Burr and music supervisor Daniel Schweiger.

"...Convertino uses processed voices, bells, strings and percussion to capture war in all of its haunted sadness..."
- Daniel Schweiger


Straight Into Darkness

Michael Convertino

1. Crucible 6:27
2. The Solemnity of the Body 3:28
3. The Wedding Party 4:50
4. He Reaches Out to Her
And She Reaches Out to Him
5. Flare 5:38
6. The Mystery Sing 5:08
7. Let The Cry Come 3:27
8. Supplication 2:38
9. Nazikillers 6:42
10. The Conqueror Worm 3:30
11. Sleep and Dream 4:15
12. The Bidding of Vast Formless Things 3:31
Bonus Track:
13. Traditional Plainchant
Arr: Michael Convertino
TT 56:40